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  • Customer and Mulch Info

    1. Apply for Mulch Rebate

      Customers of Helix Water District are now eligible for up to a $100 rebate for the purchase and installation of plant-based mulch!

      Mulch helps reduce outdoor water use by reducing soil temperatures, retaining soil moisture and reducing evaporation. In addition to conserving water, mulch provides plants with nutrients, chokes out weeds and creates a neat, tidy appearance for your landscape. 

      Only plant-based mulch qualifies for the rebate -- bark, composted wood chips or shredded mulch.

      Questions? Contact Helix Water District at 619-667-6226

    2. Applicant Info
    3. Mulch Installation Info
    4. Required Attachments
    5. Please upload the following items:

      1. Attach three photos of the completed mulch installation 
      2. Attach a sales receipt or invoice, which must include the type and quantity of mulch, date of purchase and proof of full payment.