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Lake Jennings Spring Photo Contest

  1. 2023 Lake Jennings Spring Photo Contest

    Accepting entries March 1 - May 31, 2023

  2. Aerial Image of Lake Jennings and Dam
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  10. Please Note: Photo Rights and Conditions of Submittal - Consent Form

    Photos submitted become the property of Helix Water District. Helix Water District has the right to use submitted photos for its Lake Jennings Spring Photo Contest Exhibit and public relations use, including, but not limited to: display of the original or copies of a photo at exhibit events, websites, social media and reproduction of copies on all types of promotional items, such as T-shirts, postcards, bookmarks, posters, flyers, reports, etc. 

    I agree to the conditions stated above. I understand that, upon submission, the photo becomes the sole property of Helix Water District. I affirm that I took the photo and that I have full rights to the content of the photograph. I affirm that any person(s) appearing in the photograph have given their permission to be included, and that their signed statements are attached to this form. I agree to hold Helix Water District harmless in case of any dispute over the image submitted. I acknowledge that my typed name below is an electronic signature of this document and fully binding and enforceable.

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