Did you receive a notice from Helix Water District? This page explains why we send notices. You can also use this page to translate our doorhanger notice into your own language.

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Why We Send Notices

We constantly maintain the over 700 miles of pipeline, reservoir tanks and pump stations in our water distribution system, and this work requires temporary water shutoffs that interrupt water service. We notify you in advance so that you have time to ask questions and prepare.

Construction Notice

When we have a construction project that will last longer than two weeks, we mail notices several weeks in advance to the homes and businesses near the construction site. The notice provides project details and the contact information for the project manager, who can answer your questions.

Translate Your Doorhanger Notice

We put checkmarks next to the information on your doorhanger notice that we would like you to read. Select your preferred language in the bottom right corner of this window, and use this page to translate the information on your notice.

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It may be necessary to temporarily shut off the water that serves your property. You may experience no water or a loss in water pressure.

___ There is a water main break in your area. Water service will be restored as soon as possible.

___ Due to necessary work on the water system, the water will be out of service in your area from DATE STAMPED. The scheduled time is an estimate. We may complete our work sooner, or later due to unforeseen circumstances.

We recommend:

  • Storing water for drinking, pets, dishes and hygiene.
  • Flushing toilets by pouring water into the tank.
  • Turning off your hot water heater, water softener and any pumps if the manufacturer recommends it.
  • Opening your faucets when service is restored to clear any trapped air or discolored water. Thank you for your patience.

Food facilities are responsible for contacting the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health.

Doorhanger BACK wNumbers

The customer valve is in your meter box. To open it, find the handle on your water service line between the meter and your house. Slowly rotate it counter-clockwise until it’s parallel to the service line. Our video shows you how. Scroll down to see it.

Video: How to Open Your Customer Valve

Your customer valve is located in your meter box, between the meter and your house. Our video shows you how to close and reopen the valve.