Payment Policies

We read your water meter and send you a water bill every two months.

  1. Customer Billing and Collections

Section 2.3 Customer Billing and Collections — Water Accounts

Policies and Procedures Manual - Effective May 1, 2023 (PDF)

2.3-1 Policy
Customers shall be charged for all water furnished in accordance with the rates and rules as established by Helix Water District.

2.3-2 Related Procedures
See Section 2.5, Turn Off for Nonpayment.
See Section 2.12, District Fees and Charges.

2.3-3 Billing Procedures

A. Normal Billing Procedure

  1. Each water account shall be billed bimonthly.
  2. Accounts are delinquent 21 calendar days after the due date.
  3. Delinquent accounts shall have a late payment charge added, as shown in Section 2.12, and a past due notice will be mailed. If a customer has not been late within their two-year payment history, the penalty will automatically be waived.
  4. Any customer unable to pay for water service within the normal payment period may request an extension or amortization arrangement to  void disruption of service by contacting customer service prior to the disconnect. The district will consider all circumstances surrounding the request and make a determination as to whether the payment arrangement is warranted.
  5. If a past due notice does not result in a payment and the customer is not under a payment arrangement agreement with the district, steps outlined in Section 2.5, Turn Off for Nonpayment, shall be followed.

B. Closing Bill Procedure

  1. Whenever a customer closes an account, a final reading will be taken and a closing bill rendered.
  2. For amounts due on closing bills beyond 21 calendar days, a letter will be sent to the customer as a final reminder of the amount past due. At this time the customer will also be notified that additional collection steps will be taken if Helix Water District does not receive payment.
  3. Unpaid balances from a customer may be added to other accounts of the same customer. Such charges shall become part of the customer’s active account and shall be subject to Section 2.5, Turn Off for Nonpayment, if the balance remains unpaid.

C. Classes of Service

The following classes of water service apply within Helix Water District.

Single-Family Residential (D)
Single-family residence, indoor or outdoor use, includes residences with second-family units, i.e. “accessory dwelling units.”

Multi-Family Residential (M)
More than one residential unit served by the same meter (apartments, duplexes, mobile home parks, condominiums, etc.). Excludes second-family units.

Commercial/Government (C/G)
Business or mixed use (e.g. business and residential on the same meter) or government agencies (e.g., cities, state, school districts, etc.

Irrigation (I/F)
Landscape only with no dwellings, buildings, other structures, or businesses served; or government agency landscape only with no dwellings or businesses served.

Temporary (T)
Temporary meters used for construction purposes.

Dedicated Fire Line (S/U)
Fire protection lateral for private customers or government agencies.

D. Disputed Classification

Any person, corporation, partnership, public agency or other entity objecting to their classification established by the district shall have the right to file an appeal with the district, provided the appeal is filed in writing at the offices of the district at 7811 University Avenue, La Mesa, California 91942. The written appeal shall include information on zoning, a description of types of water use, permits, licenses, business records and tax records for the subject meter(s) located at the identified parcel of property.

Reclassification will be subject to periodic inspection and submittal of information in order to qualify for continuation at the classified rate. Any such appeal shall be reviewed by the general manager or the general manager’s designee, and a written response will be mailed or personally delivered within 15 calendar days of receipt of the appeal. The decision of the general manager or the general manager’s designee, shall be final.

E. Appeals

  1. Any customer desiring to contest the validity or accuracy of their bill shall, before the delinquent date, notify the district’s customer service department. If a customer service representative, customer service supervisor or manager is unable to satisfy the customer, their claim may be reviewed by the review manager.
  2. The review manager shall be designated by the general manager. The review will include consideration of whether the customer may receive an extension or other payment arrangement.
  3. If a customer is not satisfied with the review manager’s determination, the customer may, within seven calendar days, request a review by the board of directors. The customer shall be informed of the time and place for appearance before the board.
  4. A decision by the board of directors shall be final.
  5. Service will not be discontinued during the period the validity or accuracy of a bill is being contested. When a decision has been reached, the customer must pay all charges and penalties by the bill’s due date for the bill or seven calendar days from the date of the decision, whichever date is later, to ensure continued service.
  1. Deposits on Customer Accounts
  1. Turn Off for Nonpayment