Easement Preparation

This page shows the process and provides instructions for preparing an easement. If you have questions, please call us.

When easements are required
Easements are required for all public water facilities located outside of public dedicated streets, and for fire hydrants located less than three feet from private property.

Minimum easement dimensions — district engineer may require larger easements

  • For pipeline: 20 feet wide, or drive lane, whichever is greater
  • For fire hydrant: 6 feet by 6 feet
  • For water meter: 4.5 feet by 3 feet

Easement acquisition costs
Submit the Easement Acquisition Fee and Plat and Legal Review Deposit -- see Fee Schedule. Please include the project number on the check or transmittal sheet when submitting payment.

If dedicating an easement by map
Submit an 11×17 inch map to the Right of Way Department, Attn: Debbie Lundy, or an electronic map to [email protected].

  • Include Dedication/Acceptance (and Signature Omission if applicable) language exactly as provided in the attached example (Attachment 1)
  • Include a copy of the proposed Improvement Plan (electronic or 11×17) after it has been checked at least once by the district’s Planning Department.

If granting an easement by deed
Submit the following to the Right of Way Department for review:

  1. PDF of the legal description and easement plat, (8 ½ inches by 11 inches), in the form of the attached SAMPLE Exhibits A and B (Attachment 2).
  2. One electronic copy of a title report that is three months current  (with active hyperlinks to documents). If a corporation, partnership or other group owns the property, provide documentation of that individual(s) authorization to execute the easement documents.
  3. Closure tape of easement.
  4. Digital CAD drawing of easement(s).

After reviewing and approving the easement plat and legal description, Helix will draft the Easement Deed and return it to the engineer of work to coordinate owner(s) signatures. Notarizing signatures is required. Return the signed and notarized document and the original plat and legal description to the Right of Way Department for district acceptance and recordation.

Please note, easement documents must include:

  • R.E. or Surveyor’s stamp and signature on legal description and plat
  • Vicinity map on plat
  • Assessor Parcel Number (APN) on legal description and on plat
  • Helix Water District Plat Sheet number and Project Number in the title block on plat

We will check legal description and plat only after Helix Engineering Department has completed at least one plan check of the Improvement Plans. If you have any questions regarding the District’s easement process, please contact our Right of Way agent.