Find and Fix Leaks

An undiscovered leak in a toilet or in your irrigation system will quietly increase your water use and your water bill. Don't let this happen to you. Find leaks and fix them.

Find Leaks

1. Stop using water
Turn off all water inside and outside your home. Don't forget your icemaker, irrigation and pool pump.

2. Find your meter
Look for a concrete lid with a smaller lid in the middle. If you need assistance, call us at 619-466-0585 during business hours. Remove the lid with a screwdriver and look for spiders and snakes before reaching in. Open the meter’s hinged lid and wipe off the display.

3. Do a leak test
There are two ways to test for leaks. One option is to check the low flow indicator -- a small, round, red or blue piece just left of and a little above the center of the meter display. If it's spinning, you may have a leak. Another option is to take a photo of the meter display, wait an hour, and take another photo. If the red sweep hand has moved, you may have a leak.

Video: How to Fix Toilet Leaks

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