Start With Good Habits

It takes a little effort to start a good habit, but the water savings are worth it!

How to Save 2.5 Gallons per Minute

In the Bathroom

  • Take a shorter shower
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth
  • Turn off the water while shaving
  • Don't use the toilet as a wastebasket

In the Kitchen

  • Don’t thaw frozen foods with running water
  • Cool a pitcher of drinking water in the refrigerator instead of running water until it cools
  • Scrape dirty dishes instead of rinsing them
  • Don’t leave the water running when rinsing washed dishes
  • Fill the sink to wash produce instead of using running water

Save Water Every Time

  • Save up to 4.5 gallons each time you don’t use the dishwasher — only wash full loads.
  • Save up to 50 gallons every time you don’t do a load of laundry — only wash full loads.