Test Backflow Assembly

Customers must test their backflow prevention assemblies on an annual basis to comply with the State of California Code of Regulations, Title 17, and Helix Water District Policies and Procedures, Section 5.3.

Testing Reminder Notice
We send an annual reminder notice to customers who are required to have a backflow assembly. We send the notice 30 days prior to the testing due date.

Report Forms
The reminder notice includes a pre-filled Field Testing and Maintenance Report form for each backflow prevention assembly you have. Provide this pre-filled form to the tester for completion.

Please Email our Cross Connection Control Coordinator to request a pre-filled test form.

Approved Testers
Note that backflow prevention assembly testers must be industry certified and approved by Helix Water District before testing within our service area. Approved testers are held to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism and Helix maintains the right to remove testers at its own discretion pursuant to Helix Water District Policies and Procedures, Section 5.3-3(D).

Tester List (PDF) (Jan 2023 Update)

How to Become an Approved Tester
To apply for approval, please submit a formal request and include your business and contact information, a copy of an ABPA, AWWA or ASSE certificate, and copies of your gauge calibration reports. Approval is contingent upon maintaining current copies of these items with Helix. Submit all items to:

Cross Connection Control Coordinator
Phone: 619-667-6224
Fax: 619-599-8058
Email Cross Connection