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Open an Online Account

An online account saves you time. You only enter your payment information once, then pay your water bills with the click of a button. View your past bills, just like online banking. You can use our online services 24 hours a day.

Customer Guide - Online Account and Payment

What you need

  • The last name or business name for your Helix account
  • Your Helix account number

Follow these steps

  • Click the link below
  • Enter your information
  • Choose a password and email address for your account

Register for an Online Account

Sign up for Paperless Bill Statements

When it's time to pay your water bill, we send you an email or text message reminder that shows the amount due. Click a button to pay from your online account and you're done. Or click a button to view your bill statement online, then pay.

Follow these steps

  • Click the link below and log in to your account
  • Select your account
  • Click "Paperless Billing"
  • Click "Yes"

Log in to Your Account

Pay Online Without an Online Account

Use our One Time Pay option to pay online as many times as you like without opening an online account. 

  • Pay with an eCheck and there is no fee or payment limit -- click on the tab above to learn how. 
  • When you pay with a credit/debit card, there is a transaction fee and a $550 limit on the payment amount. Our payment processing vendor fee is $4.50. 

Use One Time Pay

Other Payment Options

  1. Pay in Person
  2. Pay by Mail
  3. Pay by Phone

Pay your water bill at our administration office at 7811 University Avenue in La Mesa. Our lobby is open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. We accept checks, cash and money orders.