Treatment Careers

The R.M. Levy Water Treatment Plant can treat up to 106 million gallons of water per day. Plant staff provide water for the 277,000 people in Helix's service area and for neighboring Padre Dam, Otay and Lakeside water districts. 

Video: Helix Water District Water Treatment Plant Operator

Roles in Water Treatment

Plant Operator
Operate and maintain our water treatment plant in compliance with all federal and state regulations. 

Perform physical and chemical analyses to ensure our water is safe to drink. 

Perform biological and microbiological analyses to ensure our water is safe to drink.

SCADA & Electrical Systems
Develop control and communications systems for monitoring water quality and automating operations. 

Mechanical Systems
Maintain and repair the pumps, instruments, motors and other equipment at our water treatment plant. 

Cross Connection Control
Coordinate the installation and testing of backflow prevention assemblies and investigate water quality issues. 

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Get Certified

Want to get trained in water treatment? Just 10 minutes from Helix is the Center for Water Studies at Cuyamaca CollegeThe evening courses, taught by industry professionals, will prepare you.

State of California
The state requires the certification of anyone who makes decisions about the operations or maintenance of a water treatment plant. There are five levels of certification, T1 through T5, and you need at least a T2 to work at Helix. Learn more about the State of California Drinking Water Operator Certification Program.

American Water Works Association (AWWA) California-Nevada Section 
We require our cross connection control coordinator to have a backflow prevention assembly tester certificate and a cross-connection control program specialist certificate. Learn more about AWWA Cross Connection Specialist Certification and AWWA Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Certification.

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