Admin Careers

We meet the needs of customers and maintain the organization's governance, financial health and workforce.

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Roles in Administration

Customer Service
Assist customers with opening and closing accounts, bill payment, questions and issues. Process payments and log customer data.

Administrative Support
Assist departments with research, proofing, typing and production of reports, contracts and other technical and financial documents.

Board Support
Assist board members and manage meetings, including notices, agenda packages and minutes. 

Public Affairs
Manage customer communication and develop initiatives to build awareness of construction, conservation, issues and district activities. 

Finance & Accounting
Roles include accounts payable, payroll, general ledger, budgeting and reporting. 

Human Resources
Manage the employee recruitment and selection process, workforce development, employee benefits and performance management. 

Safety & Risk Management
Develop and manage employee heath and safety programs including emergency preparedness and training to reduce employee injuries. 

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