Get Bill Relief

Payment Arrangements

Call us! To avoid shutoff for nonpayment, talk with a Helix customer service representative at 619-466-0585 and make payment arrangements. You can pay your past due balance in installments.

Help for Low Income Households

Apply now! The state of California’s Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program, or LIHWAP, is accepting applications. The program offers a one-time payment to help low-income households pay water and sewer bills. Learn more about LIHWAP.

If you live in La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Casa de Oro (91941 zip code) or Mt. Helix, contact Campesinos Unidos to apply or call 619-391-9790.

If you live in Spring Valley, Casa de Oro (91977 zip code), El Cajon, Bostonia, Lakeview or Winter Gardens contact Metropolitan Area Advisory Committee to apply or call 619-349-0123.

  1. How to Qualify

You qualify if a member of your household is a current recipient of CalFresh or CalWORKS, or if your gross household income is at or below 60% of the state median income — see table below.

State Median Income

Persons in household    



  1. How to Apply
  1. Important News: March 10, 2023

Get a Home Water Use Evaluation

Residential customers are eligible for Metropolitan Water District’s new virtual indoor/outdoor residential survey program. These free surveys provide homeowners with recommendations for reducing water use throughout the home and include:

  • Indoor device and rebate information
  • A review of indoor devices to check for leaks, damages or inefficiencies
  • Evaluation of water meter to check for private leaks
  • Irrigation controller and zone/station information
  • Identification of irrigation problems by zone
  • Review of issues that contribute to higher water use, such as valve malfunctions, high or low pressure, sprinkler misalignment, poor draining, break and leaks, and runoff

Surveys are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis and are limited to one per property.  The customer will need to have a phone or tablet to communicate with the certified landscape auditor during their appointment.

Click here to schedule a survey.