Helix Helps

We started Helix Helps so we could reach out to the cities and nonprofits in our service area, and lend a hand with some of the projects that help pull a community together.

Volunteer Working with a Rake
Adults and Kids Planting a Tree
Adults and Kids Painting a Picnic Table

Got a Project?

Where We Help
Over the last three years, our employees have helped out with the restoration of Harry Griffen Park in La Mesa, the little league ballparks and new community garden in Lemon Grove, tree planting for Arbor Day in El Cajon and much more.

What We Learned
We learned that our employees like Helix Helps. It gives them the opportunity to volunteer and give back to the communities where they work and live. Many participating employees bring their families to help out.  

Contact Us
If you need help, contact us. Our ability to help will depend on the project and the availability of our employees.