How We Hire

We're looking for people who are as passionate about their technical professions as we are. And we're interested in people who really want the job, who want to learn, and who see Helix as a place to grow, contribute and make a difference.

Show us you're qualified.

Read the Job Description
Look for the section titled Minimum Qualifications. This section lists the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience that you need to have. Below that section, we list the water industry and job-related education, certificate(s), and driver's license needed for the job.

Quote Us
We suggest mentioning all of the minimum qualifications that you meet in your job history. You should also use the keywords and phrases in our qualifications to help us see them during our review of your application and resume.

Focus on Results
You can list all of the things you did to meet one of our minimum qualifications, or you can focus on a result - what you achieved and why it was important. If you are a results-oriented person, show us that in your job history.

Attach a Resume & Certificates
A job application focuses on your job history. If you don't have enough space to list your qualifications, accomplishments or volunteer work on the application, submit a resume with the application. Attach any certificates relevant to the job, as well.