Right of Way & Easements

Our water distribution system is on District-owned land and within Helix's 737 miles of right-of-way. This is land that we have acquired easement interest in for specific use.

  1. Our System

Our water distribution system includes over 730 miles of pipeline, 16,000 valves, reservoir tanks, pump stations, and flow control facilities.

Private Property
Most of our pipelines are within public roadways. From time to time, we may need to build pipelines and related facilities on private property. We only do this to follow design and engineering requirements.

Right-of-way allows us the right to access, build, inspect and maintain pipelines and facilities on private property.

  1. Acquisition of Land Right
  1. Encroachments
  1. Application for Encroachment Agreement

Want to know more? View Policies and Procedures (PDF) Section 4.10.  If you have questions about easements, call Right of Way at 619-667-6268.