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Mission Statement

Helix Water District is a progressive industry leader, providing high quality water, through an efficient and reliable system. Our innovative and dedicated employees and Board members maximize human and technological resources, providing superior service to our customers.

Service Area

The Helix Water District covers an area of nearly 50 square miles, serving the cities of La Mesa, El Cajon, Lemon Grove, the community of Spring Valley, and various unincorporated areas near El Cajon.

Governing Body

Helix operates as a public agency under Irrigation District Laws of the State of California. The District is governed by a Board of five Directors elected to four-year terms by registered voters in the divisions in which they live. Also see Board of Directors.

Board Meetings

The Helix Water District Board of Directors meets in an open meeting on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 2 p.m. in the Helix Water District Board Room located at 7811 University Ave., in La Mesa. The agenda is posted in the lobby and on our website. See Meeting Agenda .


Helix Water District's history dates back to 1885 when the San Diego Flume Company built Cuyamaca Dam, a diverting dam on the San Diego River, and thirty-three and one-half miles of wooden flume to bring water to the people of San Diego County. Subsequently the Flume Company was sold to the Cuyamaca Water Company. In 1913 the La Mesa, Lemon Grove and Spring Valley Irrigation District was organized. In 1926 the District purchased the Cuyamaca Water Company and became an operating water agency. For more details, see Helix History.

Water Sources

Less than 20% of our water is local runoff from winter rain and snow releases from Lake Cuyamaca and natural runoff into El Capitan Reservoir. The rest is a blend of water from the Colorado River and Northern California. This water is purchased from the San Diego County Water Authority, who in turn purchases its water from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

Water Storage

Helix Water District owns Lake Jennings and Lake Cuyamaca. Helix also has storage rights of 10,000 acre feet in El Capitan Reservoir for water from Lake Cuyamaca, San Diego River tributaries, and imported water. Treated water is stored in the 30-million-gallon Grossmont Reservoir and 21 other storage tanks located throughout the District. The District has a total storage capacity of 63 million gallons for filtered water. For more information, see Lake Jennings.

Water Quality

Helix Water District customers receive water treated at Helix's R. M. Levy Treatment Plant in Lakeside. The water is continuously monitored and tested during and following the treatment process. Our state-certified lab uses the latest analytical instruments and testing methods. Helix's treated water consistently meets all federal and state standards for quality and safety. A detailed Water Quality Report is available on request. See The Report.


The Helix board is committed to programs that educate the public about water issues and conservation. The District's 35-year-old education program includes presentations to fourth-grade classes in District-area schools and onsite tours for fifth-graders at the District's R.M. Levy Water Treatment Plant in Lakeside. Helix also has a speaker's bureau to share information about current water issues with the public. For more, see Education.


Helix's per-capita usage of water was 20 gallons per day lower in 1998 than in 1988. This drop in usage is largely due to the many conservation programs offered by the District. These programs include replacing high-water-use toilets, showerheads and washing machines with water-saving models. We anticipate an even lower per capita use as customers begin using water-efficient landscape techniques after visiting the Water Conservation Garden. For more information, see Conservation.

Speakers Bureau

May we present...?
Helix has a series of presentations that bring information about the District to the community.

Would your organization like to know how your Helix dollar is spent? Or, perhaps you might be interested in the history of water in East County, from flume line to ozone?

Presenters come with all of their own equipment--laptop, projector, and handouts. All that is needed is a place to plug in, set up, and project onto a wall or screen.

To schedule a speaker, please contact Ted Salois at (619) 667-6257 or

Helix Water District • 7811 University Ave., La Mesa, CA 91942 • (619) 466-0585